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We can offer homeowners the best of both worlds: a local-centric approach to home care and guest experiences with a global brand's power, technology, and resources. Every property is managed by a professional, licensed & insured property manager who is invested in your success and aligned with your goals. We empower our property managers with a robust back office infrastructure that ensures impeccable service and expert local insight for our homeowners and guests. Are you a property manager looking to grow? Learn more about Gather's all-in-one solution for vacation rental managers.

Local Knowledge & Expertise
Data Driven Revenue Management Strategy
Robust Sales & Marketing Efforts
Superior Home Care & Housekeeping
Premier Guest Experience
Transparent and Comprehensive Trust Accounting

Our Property Management Team

California - Greater San Deigo

Elite California by Gather
Luxury Vacation Rental Property Management - Greater San Diego, California
View Elite California's Properties

Hawaii - Big Island

Nick Benoit
R(S), Property Manager
View Nick's Properties
Breauna Ford
R(S), Property Manager
View Breauna's Properties
Clark Kahawaii
Vacation Rental Property Manager - Big Island, Hawaii
View Clark 's Properties
Mark LeRoy
R(S), Property Manager
View Mark's Properties
Victoria Leadley-Williams
R(S), Property Manager
View Victoria's Properties
Kirsten Moe
R(S), Property Manager
View Kirsten's Properties
Eilis O’Connor
R(S), Property Manager
View Eilis's Properties
Amanda van Weert
R(B), Property Manager
View Amanda's Properties

Hawaii - Kauai

Sophia Levesque
Property Manager
View Sophia's Properties
Bryan Patterson
Realtor(S), Property Manager, MBA
View Bryan's Properties
Yen Upson
REALTOR(S), Property Manager
View Yen's Properties
Janie Young
REALTOR(S), Property Manager
View Janie's Properties

Hawaii - Maui

Charles Cappello
R(S), Property Manager
View Charles's Properties

Hawaii - Oahu

Natalie & Jean
Property and Operations Managers
View Natalie & Jean's Properties
Megan Arita
REALTOR-Associate, Senior Property Manager, BBA
View Megan's Properties
Felipe Barreneche
Property Manager
View Felipe 's Properties
Sasha Capone
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Sasha's Properties
Paisley Cipres
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Paisley's Properties
Claudia Evenschor
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Claudia's Properties
Mary Farkash
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Mary's Properties
Erick Galvan
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Erick's Properties
Katrina Galvan
REALTOR, Property Manager
View Katrina's Properties
Michele Harris
Property Manager
View Michele's Properties
Jenny Kono
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Jenny's Properties
Grant Newcombe
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Grant's Properties
Jennifer Williams
REALTOR-Associate, Property Manager
View Jennifer's Properties

Washington - Bellingham

Jessica Cleary
Vacation Rental Property Manager - Bellingham, Washington
View Jessica 's Properties

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