Full Service Luxury Vacation Rental Management & Marketing

Personal, Professional Property Expertise
As a full-service luxury vacation rental property management company, we take exceptional care of your home while, maximizing returns and providing an exemplary level of service to owners and guests alike.
Savvy, Tech-Forward Marketing
We attract guests to your home and keep them coming back through our extensive marketing platform, massive distribution channels, active online presence, and world-class marketing strategies.
Close Community Connections
Our local-centric approach allows us to responsibly manage vacation rentals in ways beneficial to the community. Exclusive concierge and activity-planning services for your guests showcases the local experience.

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The Gather Difference

Increased Vacation Rental Income
Elevate your vacation rental income with Gather's comprehensive property management services, specializing in tailored pricing strategies, enhanced occupancy rates, and exceptional guest experiences for optimal revenue growth, all while providing seamless onboarding, personalized support, and continuous performance improvement for your property.
24/7 Support
Experience unparalleled support throughout your journey with Gather. Our dedicated team of managers, concierges, accountants, local contractors, and service professionals are available 24/7, ensuring a smooth rental process for both you and your guests. We address any concerns, streamline operations, and maintain the highest standards of quality for your property, providing peace of mind every step of the way.
Getting Started
Discover effortless onboarding with Gather's homeowner-centric approach, as we familiarize ourselves with your property, treat it like our own, share valuable insights for enhancing bookings through stunning interiors and professional photography, and ensure exceptional customer care at every stage.

Boost Bookings, Reduce Stress: Let Gather's Local Property Managers Handle Your Vacation Rental Management

Unsure about the optimal pricing for your luxury vacation home? Leave it to us. At Gather, we specialize in managing all aspects of vacation rentals, using our dynamic pricing software to analyze factors such as occupancy, demand, seasonality, holidays, local events, and more. Our homeowners enjoy significant revenue increases compared to self-managing or working with other managers. Our transparent approach gives you greater control, access to data, and enhanced profits to maximize your rental potential. Moreover, our property managers are part of the local community, ensuring an in-depth understanding of the market and personalized attention to your property.

Increased bookings don’t mean increased work for you. We provide our homeowners with exceptional customer care, including dedicated reservations managers, customized maintenance plans to keep your property pristine, multiple tiers of housekeeping services, locally sourced home protection (from inspections to project management), cutting-edge marketing and technology, and so much more. Being rooted in the local community also allows our property managers to quickly address issues, provide valuable local insights, and ensure your property is well-maintained. With Gather, watch your bookings soar while your stress levels plummet as our local property managers take care of all the details.

Homeowner's Guide

  • Gather Can Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Property
    Owning and operating a vacation rental property can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor. It's a business that can bring financial benefits and the satisfaction of providing memorable experiences for guests. However, this rewarding venture can become overwhelming for self-managing homeowners.
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  • Enhancing Your Winter Vacation Rental in the Off-Season
    Being a vacation rental homeowner, particularly in regions known for their winter or ski attractions, is a cyclical business. Peak winter seasons usually bring a flurry of guests and steady revenue. 
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  • Essential Amenities: What Summer Guests Really Want in a Vacation Rental
    Summertime is in full swing, and there's no doubt about it: the vacation rental season is heating up. As homeowners prepare their properties for the influx of vacation-goers, the question lingers — what do summer guests really want in a vacation rental?
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  • Boosting Visibility and Bookings: A Guide to Optimizing Your Vacation Rental's Online Presence for Self-Managing Homeowners
    As a self-managing homeowner of a vacation rental property, you know firsthand the excitement and challenges of attracting guests and maximizing bookings. In today's fast-paced digital age, optimizing your vacation rental's online presence is the key to standing out in a sea of competition and capturing the attention of potential guests. 
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  • Meet our California Property Managers
    At Gather, we're excited to introduce two exceptional property managers driven by their passion for delivering extraordinary experiences in the vacation rental industry. As Gather expands into San Diego and Los Angeles, we're proud to welcome Jenn Hegemier and Ashlie Fisher, our trusted partners in luxury vacation home management. With their impressive backgrounds and unwavering commitment, they are here to elevate your vacation rental experience.
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  • Navigating Vacation Rental Regulations: What Homeowners Need to Know
    Owning and managing a vacation rental property can be fulfilling, allowing you to generate income and curate memorable experiences for your guests. However, homeowners must stay well-informed about local regulations to ensure compliance and maintain a thriving vacation rental business. By familiarizing yourself with the evolving landscape of vacation rental regulations, you can confidently navigate the challenges and continue to offer exceptional experiences to your guests.
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  • The Freedom of Letting Go: How a Property Management Company Can Ease the Burden of Self-Managing
    Owning and managing a vacation rental property is an exciting venture, offering the potential for financial independence and the opportunity to create unforgettable guest experiences. However, the reality of self-management can often be overwhelming, consuming valuable time, demanding considerable effort, and causing unnecessary stress.
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  • Captivating the Millennial Traveler: Tips to Attract Them to Your Vacation Rental Property
    As the travel industry evolves, one demographic that has gained significant attention is the millennial traveler. With their adventurous spirit, digital savviness, and penchant for unique experiences, millennials have become a sought-after audience for vacation rental homeowners.
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