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Tips for a Sustainable Vacation Rental

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So, you’ve decided to rent your vacation rental property. While this is a wise financial decision, there are many ins and outs involved that may seem a bit daunting at first. 

And we understand that ensuring your sustainable vacation rental property meets current standards is essential to most in this day and age. Luckily, there are a few tips to keep your property high-functioning and “eco-friendly.”

Here are a few tips on how to do so: 

1. Install smart thermostats

Intelligent thermostats can cost anywhere from $99-175 but ultimately save money on future utility bills. On average, savings are approximately eight percent of heating and cooling bills or $50 per year (or more). Savings may be more significant depending on climate, personal comfort preferences, occupancy, and heating/cooling (HVAC) equipment.

2. Use smart lighting

As mentioned previously, utilizing “smart” technology can vastly reduce energy use and have the added ability to control these devices via your apps. The following mainstream brands all produce smart lights:

  • Philips Hue, LIFX, Ikea, Belkin, C by GE, Nanoleaf, TP-Link Kasa, Elgato Avea, Wiz and more.


3. Provide reusable pumps for toiletries, shampoo bottles

Where most folks are familiar with miniature toiletries at hotels or some vacation rentals, this is not an environmentally friendly practice. Just think of all those mini-bottles adding up! Our advice for making a more sustainable vacation rental — have large, refillable pumps for soap, shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries. A little goes a long way!

4. Recycle, reduce, reuse 

Perhaps the most prominent item on this list is to have your recycling bins clean and ready for use. While this action may fall under the realm of maintenance of our housekeeping employees, some guests like to take this good deed into their own hands during long-term stays. (And we thank them for it). Also, it is hugely beneficial to list local recycling dates/times for pickup.  

5. Purchase reusable straws, silverware

Of course, our vacation rentals have all the amenities guests expect at home (i.e., new utensils, wine glasses, etc.). But another way to have a more sustainable vacation rental is to include reusable items like straws, silverware or plastic glasses to ensure minimal waste.

6. Develop a relationship with your local recycling plant

Some of our properties are in more remote areas throughout the mainland US and Hawaii. And while No. 4 on our list references recycling, it is easier said than done in some places. There are, however, smaller businesses that will gladly pick up and sort your recycling. If standard pickup is unavailable in your area, hop on the internet to find the closest recycling business to you. It will be money well spent!

7. Install solar panels

Typically, a residential solar setup produces anywhere from 350-850 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month. The average home uses approximately 909 kWh of energy per month (according to U.S. Energy Information Administrations), so owning solar can save you upwards of 90% on your monthly electric bills.

While there are numerous ways to maintain a sustainable vacation rental, these are a few key ones we’ve gathered over the years. Care to learn more, or speak with one of our representatives? Please email [email protected], or call 1.877.692.1050.

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