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Sun Valley Idaho Perfect Autumn Travel Guide

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Skiing might have made Sun Valley famous, but did you know there’s so much more to do and see at this destination? And while you could enjoy the many treasures of Sun Valley any time of the year, did you also know that there’s something magical about Sun Valley in autumn?

This is the time of the year when you fully appreciate Sun Valley’s true breathtaking beauty. You get to see the valley’s evergreens and yellow-dotted fields mingle with falling leaves to create the most picturesque sights. When you also remember that the temperatures are cool and the crowds thinner, you appreciate that there might never be a better time to visit.

Traveling with kids can prove trying – you’re never certain what will excite them long enough to enjoy their vacation and give you peace of mind. If you’re traveling with your whole family (including pets), here’s our Sun Valley, Idaho, perfect autumn travel guide to keep everyone entertained.

Attend a Festival

There are so many festivals in Sun Valley in the fall that you might have a tough time choosing one. Among the most popular are:

  • Trailing Of the Sheep – The trailing of the sheep is one festival that’s guaranteed to excite all city folks and especially kids. Picture a herd of sheep running down Ketchum’s main street with thousands of global visitors cheering them on to understand why this festival is ranked amongst the best in the world. Apart from the sheep parade, the festival also gives you a chance to sample lamb delicacies and learn wool crafts and cooking.
  • Wagon Days – If you’re a history buff, the Wagon Days festival will take you back to the days when Sun Valley didn’t have automobiles or railways. Held in Ketchum, the festival features wagons pulled down the main street by bareback horse riders. To help you fully appreciate Ketchum’s past, the festival also has an art gallery walk and, to keep everyone entertained, there’s a 100-mile bike race.

Go Hiking

Sun Valley’s cool autumn temperatures are ideal for hiking with the whole family. The young ones will fall in love with the fantastic sights and, given fewer hikers during this season, you won’t lose sight of the kids or pets.

As for hiking trails, Sun Valley has a wide variety for you to choose from. There are easy trails ideal for those hiking with kids, moderate trails, and strenuous ones for the seasoned hiker. Some of the most popular trails include:

  • Baker Lake – The Baker Lake trail is close to town and its elevation is low. Apart from picnicking at the lake, the family can also enjoy trout fishing.

  • Alice Lake – Slightly more strenuous than Baker Lake, the Alice Lake hike would also be ideal for a family outing. The entire hike route is lined with stunning vegetation. You can enjoy fishing and the breathtaking views of the El Capitan rock formation at the destination.

  • The Sunnyside Trail – Less than two miles from Ketchum, this trail is ideal for kids as it covers only 2.5 miles.

Enjoy Fine Dining

Sun Valley isn’t just popular because of its wondrous all-year weather and stunning sites. It’s also popular because of its dining offerings.

One reason this destination is a favorite among food lovers is that diners are treated to exceptional culinary treats. Whether looking for historic Sun Valley fare or modern cuisine, you’re certain to find an outlet that caters to your needs. And while renowned chefs could prepare the food you enjoy, most of it is made from locally-produced ingredients.

Our Sun Valley Idaho perfect autumn travel guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some outlets offering the best dining experiences. These include:

  • The Covey – The Covey is a modern restaurant in Ketchum where you can enjoy food made from local ingredients and plenty of fish and game meat.

  • The Konditorei – located in the heart of Sun Valley, The Konditorei is famous because of its diversified recipes. Since it’s close to the valley’s shops, it’s an ideal stop after shopping.

Sun Valley, Idaho, has been the destination of choice for celebs for years, and as you can see from our Sun Valley Idaho perfect autumn travel guide it’s easy to see why. Apart from the excellent all-year weather and amazing scenes, this destination is bound to leave you spellbound at any time, especially in autumn. The destination is also known for its wide range of perfect accommodations, including kid/pet-friendly vacation home rentals here at Gather.

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